19 enero, 2006

Microgestión y la funcion Zombi

Wikipedia define así el micromanagement o microgstión:

In business management, micromanagement is a management style where a manager closely observes or controls the work of their employees, generally used as a pejorative term. In contrast to giving general instructions on smaller task while supervising larger concerns, the micromanager monitors and assesses every step.

Micromanagment may arise from internal sources, such as concern for details, increased performance pressure, or insecurity. It can also be seen as a tactic used by managers to eliminate unwanted employees, either by creating standards employees cannot meet leading to termination, or by creating a stressful workplace causing the employee to leave.

Regardless of the motivation the effect may be to de-motivate employees, create resentment, and damage trust.

Y como una imagen vale más que mil palabras, porque la gente no se las lee, la siguiente gráfuica nos muestra la función Zombi. Y como todos somos muy listos, no la explico y que cada uno deduzca el significado:


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Microgestión y la funcion Zombi

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